Cornell Theory Center

Virtual Worlds in Formal and Informal Education
Hosted at CTC

May 20 - 21, 1999

Virtual Worlds in Formal and Informal Education is being hosted and coordinated by the Cornell Theory Center, Cornell University's high performance computing center. The onsite location is being provided by the Department of Operations Research and Industrial Engineering, thanks to Mark Eisner and facility manager, Bill Martin. Remote programs at the University of California, Santa Cruz are being hosted by Lynda Goff, the Associate Vice Chancellor of Undergraduate Education and J. Michael Thompson, the Associate Vice Chancellor of Outreach, Admissions and Student Academic Services, and coordinated by Bonnie DeVarco. Additional remote programs are being coordinated through CTC. As the first official activity of VLearn, the workshop is being cosponsored by CTC, the Contact Consortium (CCon), Digitalspace, and the Active Worlds University, and is receiving additional support from the Cornell Council on the Arts and from University of California-Santa Cruz. Virtual world space for the program is provided courtesy of Active Worlds, CCON, and UCSC. RealAudio servers are being provided by OuterWorlds and Additional technical support is being provided by Lucio Pascarelli, from Rome, Italy, staff at Outerworlds, as well as masterbuilders, staff and students at CTC, UCSC, and around the planet.