NOTE The HCIG presentations were broadcast using RealServer with accompanying inworld and Web-based slides. Unfortunately, our "recording" of this session was not worth posting. However, we do have the slides from their session, and the session was transcribed on the fly by volunteer, Peggy Andersen. The chat log that follows represents Peggy's interpretation of the talks, as well as discussion among the attendees.


Andersen: Basically how human being interact with computer

Andersen: behind you is a set of questions

Andersen: What kinds of learning does AW produce


digigardener: click on the webli nk

Andersen: contribute to social d

queenbee: guys geri is introducing the panel

Andersen: Comments by Dean

"Jeanne": i found my problem. I was in the wrong place

"Jeanne": which web link?

queenbee: you can explore the pages by click ing on the weblnks starting on the left

"Murray Turoff": my weblink is telling the 98 conference is over

Andersen: Part of what we want to do when we get conversations earlier in the

Andersen: afternoon shar what we're asking.

Andersen: social dynamics perspective

"Jeanne": I had that too, murray

Andersen: what is diffferent in virutla world.s.

Andersen: Conducted experiemnt with Duke got on line with Palace two dimensional chat

Andersen: room

Andersen: theoretical reduct uncertainty on line

Andersen: round face avitar

Andersen: salient in conversation

Andersen: interact and find out how to find out about

Andersen: others. Questions how can we apply what we

Andersen: know in new environment. Hypotheses gender based

"Murray Turoff": i never felt these one line chats were conducive to real reflection and learning

Andersen: typically when go on line we try

Andersen: to look how into the conversation did they move closer

Manoduro: murray - they are not just one line

Andersen: together familiary confortable in the environment. The other things we

Andersen: did existing models of uncertainty duction theory

queenbee: if you want audio go to the sign above the stage

Andersen: Different form of uncertainty

Andersen: One of the questions social attractions

virtualmike: I'm somewhat skpetic of the potential of online chat alone myself

Andersen: results from face to face environment

Andersen: how this different form of communications

Andersen: how these issues come up

virtualmike: although I think in tandem with other technologies, ti my prove to be useful.

"Jeanne": You should come to our MOO, Murray, and see what students have done

Andersen: take communication perspective in this environment


queenbee: do you see the speaker up on the sign?

"Murray Turoff": for some reason my audio is full of static

queenbee: guys if you have realaudio you can click on th e speaker audio and hear him

queenbee: ok lemme check the audio

virtualmike: this mix of audio and text is a little disconcerting...

"Murray Turoff": jeanne invite me some time to vist your student moo

queenbee: well i adjusted the rate of the picture download from the camer

queenbee: camera

queenbee: so your audio should all be clearer

"Murray Turoff": better but not good audio

queenbee: ok we are working on it

queenbee: hey everyone else, are you getting audio?

queenbee: show of handss :)

virtualmike: should be begin some discussion in this world in the meantime?

queenbee: yes please start discussions amongst youserslves

"Jeanne": i am just on 28.8 so it's buffering like crazy

queenbee: we will ask for questions

"Jeanne": Murry, I can't cut and paste here but our addy is easy to remember. URL

"IMG": I had to turn my volume up very high, but it works

tam: e would like to ask participants to reflect on their own experiences with AW to engage in a dialogue over the following questions.

queenbee: goodie

queenbee: i am glad it is working

queenbee: we are moving the mike closer to the speakers

"drizldrazl": to QB:audio ok

"Jeanne": I clicked on the speaker and RA came up and is buffering somethign it's saying is live

tam: which kinds of learning, for which content areas and for what kinds of social interactions do you believe Active Worlds is appropriate?

queenbee: ok all we will try to repeat questions in world by text

queenbee: a question!!

queenbee: Geri?

"Murray Turoff": i can see the artistic value for courses in those areas (design, etc)

queenbee: yes it is beautiful but what does it have to do with learning?

queenbee: (bruce speaking)

"Murray Turoff": however, much finer resolution is going to be needed for collaborative laboratory courses and much greater control

queenbee: yes more ability to do realistic behaviours in the world

Sammer Mammer: It's very clear to me that kids will respond to this type of interface in whatever educational way it's used.


queenbee: what is this medium ready for in learning?

tam: But isn't there also pedagogical uses for the non-realistic experiences provided through this medium

queenbee: is it a question of medium richness at atll?

queenbee: at all

queenbee: active worlds is very media rich

queenbee: but this does not mean it will be effective for education

queenbee: we have to look at educational principles first

tam: Won't the educational utility depend on the particular educational objectives?

queenbee: a question from the room..

queenbee: what do you mean by educational prinicples?

queenbee: we are pointing the camera at the room

queenbee: so you can see folks here

queenbee: the principles about how constructive learning works

queenbee: first

queenbee: and worry about the medium

queenbee: second

queenbee: (speaker's answer)

tam: But doesn't the environement and media of learning help constitute the learning experience? So it's not secondary

queenbee: Geri is speaking..

queenbee: hmm.. Geri?

queenbee: but children below a given age have a great deal of facility with these worlds

queenbee: we now take the classroom for granted.. but do young people think of this environment as a barrier..?

queenbee: a comment from the audience

"Jeanne": anyone with ADD would go nuts though :)

queenbee: heheheh

queenbee: (this is bruce damer speaking, i kidnapped queenbee)

Mrs Chan: jeanne good pooint

queenbee: the environment is different but the same educational questions are there

"Murray Turoff": the other missing item is well linked asynchrnonous conferencing ability for involved and complex discussions as well as "virtual classroom" type features

queenbee: yes murray is right i think

Mrs Chan: the merging of asynchronous and synchronous media provides new questions.

"Murray Turoff": your too agreeable to bruce!!!

San Marco: he's an agreeable guy!

queenbee: guys can you hear all ok

tam: How do you think the "presence" afforded by avatars enhances learning?

"Jeanne": I suspect when teh bandwidth is enough we'll have the ability to write notes for ppl, have newspapers

queenbee: heheh how could i be otherwise with the father of CMC/Learning :)

queenbee: welcome pammy, next speaker who is an anthropologist

"Murray Turoff": as a dephi designer i think avatars are great way to introduce pen names, roles and learning by people undertaking roles

"Jeanne": who is considered the father of CMC/Learning?

queenbee: Murray I would say

queenbee: she says..

"Murray Turoff": our work on cmc learning is at

queenbee: presence within a world as an avatar is one affordance of embodiment..

"Jeanne": gee, I thought I had heard of most ppl in this field

queenbee: but what does that embodiment allow you to do in a learning process?

queenbee: what is the purpose of this learning experinece?

Mrs Chan: the avatar provides a form of identity

queenbee: what are the learning styles and social norms that are already established?

"Jeanne": thanks, I wrote that down, Murray

queenbee: what norms and expectations are imposed in this situation?

Mrs Chan: groups that i work with use symbols as a means for convergence

queenbee: (the anthropologists are out in force!)

queenbee: questions?

queenbee: comments?

queenbee: from the room.. here:

"Murray Turoff": the concept of stakeholders in any real world problem is used in many areas such as business learning, managment, policy assessment, sociological analysis etc.

queenbee: ok murray

"Jeanne": help. I am out of allignment and getting motion sick. How do I reallign?

Mrs Chan: business simulations seems a hot area as well

queenbee: by the way folks, all this is being logged, to realaudio files and text files too

"Jeanne": business sims are great in VR

queenbee: for later posting in our proceedings

queenbee: what are the social relationships of learning?

"Murray Turoff": you need a whole set of avatars representing famous people in history, good and bad!!

queenbee: hmm who would you have in these worlds re: famous folks?

Mrs Chan: learning now can be diverse and geographically distinct

"Murray Turoff": imagine all the famous philisophers and the studnet taking one of those avators has to exmaine a mondern issue as that person whould have!!

"Jeanne": "henry the VIII?

"Jeanne": "Ann Bolyn

queenbee: most of her research h as been on the teaching of history, social groups..

Mrs Chan: what a cool way to learn history

Sammer Mammer: Definitely!

virtualmike: probably more the philosopher football game, a la Monty Python

queenbee: you would have to very careful in the selection of the groups, their narrative, how it informs..

queenbee: how can you test representations?

queenbee: would a conservative christian group have a very different representation? different characters?

queenbee: this environment would allow multiple conflicting versions of history..

Mrs Chan: yet people can have their own worlds

queenbee: accomodating contradiction, conflicting views of history

virtualmike: would this further ghettoize subgroups, however?

queenbee: our textbooks tend to represent one world views

virtualmike: I

queenbee: the representations would concern me, the selection of avatars? how woudl we represent hitler for example?

virtualmike: I fear some solution in which we all chat with like persons, and ignore those different from us

Mrs Chan: yet diversity can be accessed--you have more than one "book" to choose from

Sammer Mammer: Carefully.

queenbee: (that came from the speaker)

queenbee: well we are wrapping up this panel

queenbee: clap folks!!!

"Murray Turoff": i have to leave for a ballet at lincoln center, some day i hope to be able to watch a dance prefornance in AW