NOTE: IHI is a private world and was under development at the time of this presentation. We were very lucky to receive this behind the scenes tour.

digigardener: so go now to IHI2 world

digigardener: where san marco will show us the fabulous demo bots

digigardener: can u hear the audio now?

"Jeanne": I can't



digigardener: hi all

Jaxom Creel: Hello.

digigardener: welcoime

"drizldrazl": Howdy

digigardener: we are on a cofeee break




M u n k u y: ok


Larina: This far from ready for prime time


M u n k u y: hello


M u n k u y: hi

digigardener: hey

Larina: Why do companies with money to burn not think about things from a user's perspective ?

M u n k u y: hi

M u n k u y: how do you do?

"Jeanne": hi

M u n k u y: hi Jeanne

Larina: the download time is ridiculous

"Jeanne": what do you mean, Larina?

"Jeanne": Yes, they all asume we all have t3's

M u n k u y: complaints

Larina: it's taking far longer than most people can put up with, i fear

M u n k u y: is this world owned by Titan's guild?

"Jeanne": never heard of that

"Jeanne": says international health

M u n k u y: what is this place anyways

queenbee: hi


"Jeanne": i'm wondering if they plan on using it for training

M u n k u y: hi

digigardener: there will be a talk starting in here soon

Larina: Well, guess we wandered in here cause it looked well populated. mostly by bots, it would seem

M u n k u y: ok...about what

M u n k u y: >?

M u n k u y: i just came becsuse there was alot of people in here

Larina: me too



"Jeanne": this is a conference

M u n k u y: i know...about what?


Larina: still downloading and I'm on a cable modem!



M u n k u y: ok


PJ Marrero: What's going on?

Larina: so long folks. these people are brain dead it seems



* Active Worlds chat session: Thu May 20, 1999 4:07 PM *




queenbee: good henrik

"Jeanne": I think perhaps netscape is pulling myold RA and not the new one.


queenbee: working for anyone else. good idea to unintstall old one


Digigardener: great!


Digigardener: lots of audio has worked ok today

Digigardener: which surprised us

AriK: any ideas on how to talk to the greeter?



Digigardener: this is a reception room

HenrikG: downloading this world strangled the audio steeam now..

Digigardener: click on the huge sculpture

Digigardener: and you will zoooooom upstairs

Larina: problem is not ra. Message says your file not here. But I suspect Stuart Gold is a windy sort anyhow.

Digigardener: off they go!

Digigardener: a new greeter is here

Larina: no huge sculpture here

Larina: Will you compensate your beta testers?


Digigardener: so folks if you click on the guide sign here

Digigardener: you can go to the lecture hall and other floors

Larina: no cube, no tubes

Digigardener: and you can also ride the elevator

Digigardener: now note the web page on the right

Digigardener: you can see the working drawings for the project


Digigardener: we did this totally collaboratively

Digigardener: with architects

Larina: No beta testing?

Digigardener: we have 6-7 folks working ont his\

Digigardener: with site meetings daily

Digigardener: (our avatars had hardhats)

Digigardener: to continue "the illusion" of the construction of the virtual hq

Digigardener: if you look at san marco


Digigardener: he has a hardhad!

Digigardener: and is pregnant

Jaxom Creel: When are you due San Marco?

Digigardener: modeling one of the folks on the project


Digigardener: who has since had a baby!

Digigardener: heheheh


Digigardener: so now follow stuart around

Digigardener: the back


Larina: Download over, still no sculpture in sight!

"Jeanne": i found what must be the sculpture but clicking on it does nothing

Digigardener: this is the photo site

Digigardener: larina come upstairs to us


Larina: Please read some of the literature on user interface

Digigardener: everyone come upstairs

Digigardener: you can go up the elevator..

"Jeanne": am I upstairs?

Digigardener: or go to the front and click on the signs saying "click me"


Digigardener: go to the product room


Digigardener: join me here

Digigardener: and click on the product room


Digigardener: and go upstairs

Digigardener: the yellow sign here

"David": 88888844338


Digigardener: this is a room to educate folks about the products of the insurance company

Digigardener: and further..


Digigardener: if you go out the red doors

Digigardener: and up the elevator

Larina: Wouldn't you know! Insurance SAlesmen!

Digigardener: you can get the auditorium


Digigardener: or if you are downin the lobby

Digigardener: click on "auditorium"

Larina: LMAO


Digigardener: to the elevator here

Digigardener: join me


Digigardener: go in and select auditoriuum

Larina: thanx for being so politely responsive, LOL

Digigardener: welcome!

HenrikG: 30 mins on ISDN connection and still downloading..

"Jeanne": i see a lot of red things that migh be doors. which one is it?

Digigardener: ok welcome to the auditorium

"Jeanne": what city is that it shows outside the windows?


Larina: Hello? Any intelligent life on this planet?

queenbee: London

Digigardener: it is copenhagen

queenbee: whoops!

Digigardener: the lecture bot will do a lecture and change the slides

"Jeanne": it's gorgeous

Digigardener: thanks jeanne!


Gregg: 9

Digigardener: the bot is still being built

Digigardener: the bot can lecture in 5 languages at once

Digigardener: by whisper to each person in the room

"Jeanne": wow

"Jeanne": I have a bot that can talk to many different ppl at once with whisper but I could only pgram it in english

"drizldrazl": are the downloads saved so they don't have to be loaded next time or just cache?

Digigardener: yes the caches is saved

Digigardener: so questions folks?

Digigardener: the bot is starting

"Jeanne": sorry. I still can't tell if I'm upstairs or down

Larina: Who are you?

Digigardener: lecturer is started

queenbee: teleport to AV98


Digigardener: welcome to av98

Digigardener: the first tradeshow ever held "inside" cyberspace

Digigardener: if you go to the exhibits


Digigardener: see the booths

Digigardener: all made by database

Digigardener: booths from large companies like boeing

Digigardener: and smaller groups like virtual world artists


Larina: Does anyone here have any ideas?

Digigardener: hi

Digigardener: to the art gallery

Digigardener: questions?

Kara: Hi

Jaxom Creel: What are the greatest limitations that you feel this technology is still suffereing from?

Larina: LOL

Digigardener: the greatest limitation is the lack of real applications

Digigardener: more real apps, more funding, etc

Digigardener: risk takers

Digigardener: (speaking for stuart)

Digigardener: we can make the tech easier

Digigardener: bandwidth.. easier access etc

Digigardener: there is room on the net for everyone..

Larina: Hire some communications specialists and do what they say!

Digigardener: not just ecommerce

Digigardener: education, nonprofit, etc

Digigardener: maybe there is a reason for all this?

Digigardener: in 1000 years, we could spread out, at the speed of light ..

Digigardener: well maybe cyberspace is working toward that

Digigardener: virtual surgery, distance learning, gatherings in cyberspace.. these are all applications

Digigardener: hi all (bruce in his giant mech avatar)

Jaxom Creel: Thank you.

Digigardener: hehehehe

Digigardener: questions from the audience?

Larina: Who are you? Where are you? What is your objective?

"drizldrazl": any possibility of multiple simultaneous sounds in Active Worlds?

Digigardener: we are doing a conference in virtual worlds for learning

Digigardener: at cornell university

Digigardener: can you all hear the audio

"drizldrazl": only background sounds from the floor