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VLearn3D 2001 -
Conference Transcripts & Screenshot


Collaborative Information Visualizations: Augmenting, Evaluating, and Studying Virtual Worlds and their Evolving Communities
Panel 1
Humans in Cyberspace - Exploring the Humanities in Rich, Visual Contexts
Panel 2
Learning Tools for Interactivity & Dynamic Data Vizualization in Science Worlds
Panel 3
Peer-to-Peer Mentoring in Living Knowledge Spaces


Conference Brief

VLearn3D 2001 - "Knowledge Spaces & Information Landscapes" Interactivity and Information Visualization in Virtual Worlds" was the fourth annual Vlearn3D conference in cyberspace. This year we presented three informal panel discussions and a keynote address on creating innovative and efficient information spaces. This conference explored the diversity and depth of rich, compelling knowledge spaces where collaboration, communication and interactivity enrich the online learning experience. Three panel discussions featured working examples for the use of virtual worlds in education matching seasoned 3D world users and developers with educators and students poised to begin to use 3D multi-user environments into their own programs.

Conference Team

Conference Organizers: Bonnie DeVarco and Margaret Corbit
VLearn Advisory Committee Support: Andrew Phelps, Bruce Damer, Patrick McKercher, Mandee Tatum
VLearn3D World - Architects, Designers: Penny Twining and Craig Twining

Panel Chairs: Patrick McKercher, Margaret Corbit and Bonnie DeVarco
Additional Support, Documentation and Hosting: Daphne Coon,Mandee Tatum
, Mountain Myst, Penny and Craig Twining, Chad Rooney, Bruce Damer, Caitlin Ramsey
Conference Speakers: Dr. Katy Borner, Assistant Professor, Indiana University, Bloomington, Bruce Damer, Founder of the Contact Consortium & DigitalSpace, Margaret Corbit, Cornell Theory Center, Cornell University, Dr. Cinzia Gandini, Medico Veterinario, Spec. Clinica dei Piccoli Animali, Andrew M Phelps & Jeffrey Sonstein, Information Technology Dept. Rochester Institute of Technology, Allan Lundell and Marian Sun McNamee Co-founders, Virtual World Studios, Dr. Simeon J. Simoff, Faculty of Information Technology, University of Technology Sydney
Special Thanks to: The Contact Consortium, Avatars 2001, Activeworlds.com, Katy Borner and the University of Indiana

Conference Web Site: Bonnie DeVarco, Margaret Corbit
Conference Proceedings pages: Bonnie DeVarco (all screenshots courtesy, Penny & Craig Twining)

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