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Click on pictures to teleport directly to each world. Click on name to get to the home page of each project.

    VTOUR World - The Solar System
Enter the Solar System in VTour world
and watch as the planets slowly make their orbits around the Sun. Fly around with your arrow keys. Mouse over a planet to teleport to a special tour world in the Education Universe. [The VTour world solar system generously provided by Active Art Design].
    LUNA World
This world, designed by Activeworlds.com, Inc. in 1997, was terraformed based upon the image show below. The image is an authentic photograph of the moon.

    SCICENTR World
SciCentr.org is the online science museum of the Cornell Theory Center (CTC), a high-performance computing and interdisciplinary research center at Cornell University. Ithaca, NY.
In addition to our Web-based exhibits, they have launched several virtual worlds for informal science education, including SciCentr and SciFair.
    ARES World
Ares world, designed by Activeworlds.com, Inc. in 1997, was terraformed based upon the image show below. The image is an authentic photograph from the Pathfinder Mission to Mars.

The CHEMEET world is part of a project of the University of Milan, Italy Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Veterinary Science and Technology for Food Safety. CHEMEET is a 3D virtual environment used for distance learning - the courses involved in this study are both Chemistry and Biochemical Propedeutics I and II.

    IUNI World
iUni World is a collaborative information universe at University of Indiana The world is used to teach the user interface design course and to design, develop, implement, and evaluate collaborative 2-D and 3-D environments.
    I-GARDEN World
The iGarden world at University of Indiana visualizes user interaction data such as navigation, manipulation, chatting, and Web access activity. It is created based on mined web logs that have been collected in the Memory Palace. It can be used to evaluate the effectiveness and usability, to optimize design properties, or to examine the evolving user community of a world.
    Borderlink's LINKWORLD
LinkWorld is a 3D world developed to provide a location where counseling, tutoring, mentoring and other forms of support can take place for Borderlink students, teachers and counselors. The BorderLink Project is a federally-funded Technology Innovation Challenge Grant designed to impact the lives of high school students of Imperial and rural San Diego Counties through the use of technology in education.
    V-UCSC Worlds
The V-UCSC Cluster of 14 worlds newly arrived in AWedu this Fall from their public location in the Active Worlds Universe. This is a project of Outreach, Admissions, and Student Academic Services (OASAS) at UC Santa Cruz. Prospective students and their families can take a "tour," "talk" with a virtual admissions counselor, and find out more about UC Santa Cruz from their home computers.
    ECOLLEGE World
ECollege is one of the most developed worlds of the V-UCSC. Virtual College 8 was adopted by the writing program as a writing/tutoring center for University and high school students. It has tutoring "bots" which direct students to information in the library, the writing center and the Situation Room.
    BABEL World
Babel is a world developed by Active Art Design in the UK. Its primary function is to demonstrate and research the functionalities of Activeworlds software for education. All of the architectural models in Babel are available for teachers in the AWedu to use in thier their projects in AWedu.
    ACCD World
ACCD world is a virtual environment built on dreams. It is one of the virtual homes of the author series, Cyberforum presented by Mike Heim and his graduate students at Art Center College of Design, Pasadena.
    VANGOGH World
VanGogh world is a painting you can literally walk right into. Depicting Van Gogh's "Yellow House" and "The Bedroom" that he painted of his house and studio in Arles, France in 1888, this world brings the collection of the Van Gogh Gallery and the Van Gogh Museum to life.

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