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Live 3D, Learn 3D - VLearn3D 2000 Conference Transcripts & Screenshots


Panel 1
Gaming & Learning Environments


Panel 3
MUDs, MOOs and 3D MUVEs
Panel 2
Intercultural Communication in Virtual Worlds
Panel 4
Science Learning in CVEs


Conference Brief

VLearn 3D 2000, "Live 3D Learn 3D" was the third annual Vlearn educational speaker track in cyberspace and the first to have its own conference. It was held on Saturday, October 14, 2000 in the Active Worlds Educational Universe, AWedu. This five-hour conference took place in five different "virtual venues." More than six institutions around the world participated with physical events that coincided with the conference. Hundreds of educators and students joined in virtually to attend the four panels and keynote by Mike Heim of Art Center College of Design, Pasadena. The event was a great success. The VLearn3D conference is a volunteer effort to support educators using and developing 3D virtual worlds by presenting the issues, challenges and successes in this new field. It was a companion event to the Avatars 2000, "Cyberspace for a New Millenium" on Sunday October 15.

Conference Team

Conference Organizers: Bonnie DeVarco and Margaret Corbit
VLearn Advisory Committee Support: Andrew Phelps, Bruce Damer, Patrick McKercher, Mandee Tatum
VLearn3D 2000 Architects, Designers: Penny Twining and Craig Twining

Panel Chairs: Andrew Phelps,Beatrice Ligorio,Kevin Ruess, Margaret Corbit, Mike Heim
Additional Support, Documentation and Hosting: Daphne Coon,Mandee Tatum
, Mountain Myst, Dorothy Keys, Penny Twining, members of the Active Worlds Volunteer Peacekeeping Team: Muggie, Ambient Spirit, Lumi, Bethany, Yooper, MIKsam, Adagio, EAGLEinc, Seanchan, Mech65 and JLt.
Conference Nodes: (physical locations): Cornell University, University of California, Santa Cruz, University of Cincinnati, FH Zweibrücken, Germany, Medienpädagogische Aktion, University of North Carolina at Wilmington,
Conference Speakers: Andrew Phelps, Daphne Economou, Beatrice Ligorio, Chris Corsbie, Kevin Ruess, Vernon Reed, David Gill, Judi Fusco, Magaret Corbit, Omar Kahn, Patrick McKercher, Chad Rooney, Mike Heim and Tom Mancuso
Special Thanks to: The Contact Consortium, Avatars 2000, Activeworlds.com, Mike Heim and CyberForum, Simon Tann, Stuart Gold, Carol Kerney and Greg Steltenpohl.

Special Thanks to Karen Miller and RedApple Online for the generous funding that made a larger participation in this event possible.

Conference Web Site: Bonnie DeVarco, Kirill Mazin, Margaret Corbit, Jim Jazwiecki
Conference Proceedings pages: Bonnie DeVarco (all screenshots courtesy, Daphne Coon)

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