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TheU Virtual University

TheU Virtual University

TheU Architecture Competition In early 1998 Stuart Gold directed a joint project of SRT Enterprises, the Contact Consortium and Circle of Fire in TheU to bring together 34 different teams in an architecture competition in Active Worlds. Each team was given two months to design and build a demonstration model for a Virtual University and three winning entries were selected in Spring 1998. The judges included: Derrick Woodham, Gerhard Schmitt, Hani Rashid, John Tiffin, Marcos Novak, Murray Turoff and Stuart Gold.

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"zg" in Active Worlds

The world Aurac was built and designed by Aurac, HenrikG and Zg of the Active Art Design Team and was the award winning entry in TheU Architecture Competition to Design a Virtual University in 1998. Drawing on their considerable experience with Active Worlds software, the team produced a visually unique and influential learning environment. It included the widely publicised Learning Towers, as well as a library, exhibition hall and main reception building, complete with purpose-built lecture theatre. This world was closed after the competition but was recently resurrected by popular demand in the world Zg where it has since been enhanced in the spirit of the original enterprise.

Penelope Twining, VR Artist -
Henrik Gudbrandsen, VR Artist -

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